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Kimchi Brand
Since 1987

Jongga is leading the legacy of kimchi with most authentic recipes

About Jongga

The word ‘Jongga’ in Korean refers to a deep-rooted cooking tradition in which recipes are passed down through generations. Since 1987, our brand Jongga embraced this tradition as our core brand philosophy in making authenitc kimchi products.

Our rigorous commitments to the art of kimchi fermentation with the most authentic ingredients made us the No.1 Kimchi brand worldwide. We are the first brand to have introduced packaged-type kimchi products to the world. Now, with an extensive range of top-quality kimchi products, we are introducing the authentic tastes and health benefits of kimchi to the foodlovers.

Traditionally, Kimchi was stored in ceramic pots called Onggi [옹기]. During the harsh Korean winters in the 13th century, vegetables were hard to come by. To ensure the availability of vegetables throughout the year, Koreans started fermenting vegetables such as daikon radish and storing them underground in earthenware pots (Onggi). And that is how the iconic Korean staple, Kimchi, was born.


Throughout centuries, many more kimchi recipes were invented and passed down within families. Kimchi has not only become an icon on a Korean dining table but it is a backbone of Korean history and culture. Today, kimchi storage has moved from onggi to a refrigerator and from underground to supermarket shelves. Jongga is proud to continue and lead the culinary heritage of kimchi by producing the most authentic products as well as introducing the new kimchi kinds.

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