Participating in Lyon Street Food Festival 13-16th June,  2024


For O’Food Europe and Jongga Europe, the spring and summer seasons have been busy. We participated in IFE London in March, the Korea Expo Paris in May, and the Kimchi Cook-Off in June in London and Paris, and this month, we took part in the K-Food Fair at the Lyon Street Food Festival.  The Lyon Street Food Festival was held from June 13th to June 16th, 2024, and Daesang Europe was thrilled to be a part of this spectacular event. 


What is the Lyon Street Food Festival and K-Expo Fair?

The Lyon Street Food Festival is famous for being France’s largest and most dynamic street food festival. Each year, it attracts over 38,000 food enthusiasts to explore diverse culinary delights from more than 120 chefs, emerging street food artisans, and international culinary masters​ (Lyon Street Food Festival)​​ (Lyon Tourist Office)​. The festival offers an array of activities, from tasting sessions and culinary workshops to live music performances and cultural exhibitions. K-Food Fair was held in collaboration with the Lyon Street Food Festival, which allowed visitors to explore the authentic experience of South Korea in Lyon. 



Lyon Festival

Daesang Europe’s Participation

Daesang Europe was proud to bring unique flavors and culinary expertise to this year’s festival. Daesang Europe is very committed to sharing Korean cuisine’s rich and diverse heritage with a broader audience, and together with the Lyon Street Festival, we were able to provide Kimchi Cooking Session and tteokbokki cooking Masterclass.

Jongga Kimchi MasterClass

Furthermore, attendees were able to taste our delicious Jongga Kimchi, O’Food Kimchi Spreads, in both Sweet and Savory Flavors, and try our tasty O’Food Tteokbokki. During the Lyon Festival, there were other activities. Apart from the tasting sessions, guests could take part in a spinning wheel lottery and win our awesome goodies, including cute keychains, stickers, and tote bags.

The K-Food Fair at the Lyon Street Food Festival 2024 was an unforgettable experience, and Daesang Europe is excited to participate in it again in the future.



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