Participating in K-Expo in Paris 24th – 26th May,  2024


At the end of this month, from the 24th to the 26th of May 2024, O’Food Europe and Jongga Europe, leading Korean food brands, joined the famous Korea Expo in Paris, France. 


We presented a unique array of flavors, introducing our innovative sauces, ambient products, and a diverse selection of our signature kimchi to an eager international audience. 


Amongst familiar products such as Original Tteokbokki, Seaweed snack, ssamjang, and gochujang sauces, O’Food had a tasting session on Saturday 25th, with an innovative kimchi product – Kimchi Spread, which has both sweet and savory tastes. Jongga showcased various kimchi products, including Kimchi Ramen, canned, and MAT kimchi. A tasting session was held throughout the Korea-Expo event of the brand-new Kimchi in a jar made in the EU, our latest product release. For Jongga Europe, O’Food Europe, and the whole of Daesang Europe, it is a delight to present the new and all-known line of products to our audience in Paris.


Korea-Expo was a great platform to connect with many companies and people interested in building and innovating the community around Korean-made products. Korea-Expo event was heartwarming, exciting, and unforgettable for the Daesang Europe team. Such events have become the most important pillars for learning more about each other and sharing our visions and goals for the future in the European market. 


Participating in the K-Expo was a true pleasure, and we eagerly look forward to returning next year with a fresh lineup of products and innovative ideas.